Ultimate RSR


This exceptional '73 RSR recreation offers the best of Porsche engineering.

In my quest for the "perfect RSR" recreation I looked at all options, including original '73 chassis with flares added. However, during the process, it became apparent there were significant advantages to newer Porsche's, and the 491 was the best option. This car left the factory as a rare 1984 Turbo look coupe. Option 491 (factory Turbo look), gave the car the same bodywork, brakes, and suspension as the 930 turbo, but with a normally aspirated 3.2 liter motor.

To build the ultimate RSR the body was backdated from the '84 to an all steel 1973 RSR style. For this longhood build the original galvanized 930 front fenders were kept. However to make them into longhood fenders, the lower turn signal sections were cut from rust free '73 fenders and butt welded into place. To accept the longer hood of the 1973, the front hood latch panel was also converted using correct '73 parts. The rear end was converted to accept an early bumper, and finally, the sunroof was also deleted by welding in a piece of roof skin from a non sunroof car.

After the welding was completed, the car was repainted retaining it's original Grand Prix white paint color. The inclusion of bright trim and door handles, a single stainless drivers side mirror and other accents make this car hard to distinguish from a real 1973. Don't get me wrong, this is a 1984 Porsche 911 Turbolook and has a clean 1984 Delaware title. But no one will know it's not a '73.

The interior was restored using RSR carpets with rear seat delete, a new headliner, RSR door panels with leather pulls, Italian reproduction seats, and an early aluminum steering wheel (the only one like it I've seen was on a 934.5). Even the inside door lock assemblies were modified to accept the early style lock knobs.

The wheels are 3 piece Fuchs in traditional RSR black with bright spoke finish with new tires. Even the spare is a deep 6" Fuch in RSR finish. Lowered and corner weighed, the suspension consists of Bilstein struts/shocks, with stiff torsion bars, but retaining the factory sway bars. This gives the car great handling, an extremely sporty feel, while not being harsh on the street. As part of the build this car has new brakes with braided stainless steel brake lines.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the car is the motor. This RSR comes equipped with a 1997 Porsche 3.6 liter Vario-ram motor. It is hard to beat the way the factory built the 3.6, so this motor is predominantly stock, except for a performance chip, modified air cleaner, and custom exhaust. The motor is estimated at 300 horse power.

I have owned this car for years and have enjoyed every minute of it. The car is VERY FAST, handles and stops great, is incredibly tight and completely without squeaks and rattles. If you are local, feel free to stop out and see it at Cars & Coffee in West Chester Pennsylvania, where it is a fixture on Saturday mornings.

This is a very special car. The paint and interior are pristine. If you go for a drive this weekend and keep seeing cars like yours, you're driving the wrong car. Feel free to contact me with any questions.