Motors for Sale

I am considering selling a few of my motors.

3.3 liter short stroke normally aspirated race motor. Built by Dan Jacobs at the Hairy Dog Garage, this was his original 13.4:1cr race motor. I bought it fresh several years ago after a winter rebuild. The motor is based on a 3.0 liter case with 102 mm pistons and cylinders, Pauter rods, ported heads, titanium retainers, Garritson GE 100 cams, etc. The motor is available as a long block, with Webber 46's, or with TWM 3006 electronic fuel injection. Low hours. Offered at $9,700 to $13,000 depending on configuration. Interesting trades considered.

1994 3.6 Turbo (965 M64/50) This motor started as a stock 3.6 Turbo, but now has 54mm intake valves (instead of 49), Pauter rods, happy cams, twin plugged.  Built by Paul Schwartz at Cyntex this motor was capable of over 600hp but ran for longevity at around 500hp. When the owner went to club racing it was pulled and sold. Available as long block or with Carrera manifold and intercooler through exhaust. Offered at SOLD.

1991 3.6 turbo (M64/01). This Twin plug motor was Rick Deman's spare race motor from Deman Motorsports in NY. Capable of well over 600hp. The motor "lifted a head", burning 2 heads and 2 cyls. Still ran well when pulled, this is available as a long block or with various induction. I also have the headers and turbo available. Offers.

1990 (or '91) 3.6 liter. Motor is complete from injection to exhaust, with wiring harness and brain. 130,000 kilometers. Has the typical leaks.  Best offer. Interesting trades considered.


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