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    Sure, it starts innocently enough........, in time you build a couple race cars, and a few track cars, removing all the unnecessary parts to catalogue and store, then update a couple old cars, backdate some newer ones. You find yourself buying parts from all over the country because you don't have one of those, or "I could rebuild it and use it later". 

    Eventually one comes to the inevitable realization that you have enough parts to build several new cars from scratch, or have your own successful swap meet, and it's time to sell off some parts,...but you don't, you just can't bring yourself to do it,... you just know the minute you sell  those 3.0 liter piston return springs, or that 1967 Kanuter valve, your going to need one, and have to buy one for three times the price.

There are thousands of parts, big, small, important, and useless. If you don't see what you want just ask. Also look  at the other list of parts on Page Two

   #                     Description   Condition Price Picture
NEW 911 Windshields, Brand new tinted glass windshields for 911's up to 1989 (without built in antenna) NEW $199.00  
1  911 Gas Tank, spacesaver style. Not sure what year it  is from. excellent condition inside, Good out  VGC $350.00   
2  7&8x15 Fuchs, fully polished no tires VGC $1,600.00  
3 Complete Red Sport seat interior from my 84 factory turbolook Good $1,200.00
4 Rear shock crossmember, Removed from a 1986 911 Good conversion piece for early car to aluminum trailing arms Excellent $200.00
5 2 356 C front bumpers, some minor surface rust, no structural damage. Easy paint and install VGC $175.00ea. $250.00pr.
6 Factory 7&9x16 930 Turbo Fuchs wheels. VGC $2,800.00 Click for Pictures of 7&9x16 Fuchs Wheels
8 1965 Rear engine lid with grille, media blasted but now has surface rust, very restorable OK $175.00
9 Carerra Rotary A/C Compressor VGC $95.00  
10 911 front A/C condensor fan VGC $75.00  
11 Webber 40IDA3c's New in the 90's low miles VGC $1,600.00  
12 Carerra front Calipers Various $375.00/pr  
13 1967 Kanuter Valve, Extremely Rare, Excellent Condition, Serious offers only Excellent Offers  
14 Aluminum Rear Control Arms (Banana Arms) VGC $290.00/ea  
15 Door handles, Locksets, Ignition locks Various Inquire
16 911 Front Struts, Early, SC, Carerra VGC Inquire  
17 Alloy S Calipers VGC $675.00/pr  
18 Fenders, 69-73, 74-89, Turbo Various Inquire  
19 Doors, Early Hoods, Bumpers, Engine Lids, Bumper Extensions, Valences      
20 SC Rockers VGC $195.00/pr  
21 Turbo Rockers VGC $425.00/pr  
22 Turbo Boxed Rockers Excellent 425.00/pr  
23 1997 RSR/GT2 Spoiler, Factory (white) Excellent $4,650.00
24 OEM 3.0 Piston return springs. Everyone knows when the spark plugs fire and the gas explodes the motors make power. But true performance comes from getting the pistons back up fast. By taking the load off the crank at it's lowest point, and creating their own preload inertia, Piston Return Springs make race motors rev faster and create more high end Horsepower and Torque. Outlawed at the 1980 24 Hours de LeMans, these Piston Return Springs will make even the most accomplished Porsche junkie's jaw drop when you tell them what you've installed. Made from the same high tech alloy first developed for the '73 super beetle radiator, these Piston Return Springs are extremely rare. One of the only factory sets know to exist. Serious offers only. Excellent Offers  
25 Spoilers, Carerra, Turbo, Ducktail, Turbo"S" 3.8 RSR Excellent Inquire  
26 Electrical Components, Interior Parts Various Inquire  
27 Wheels Wheels Wheels, If you don't see, ask Various Inquire More Wheels
28 Fuchs 7&8x15 Various From $950.00
29 9&11x15 Fuchs VGC $7,500.00  
30 6&7x16 Fuchs Various From $800.00  
31 7&8x16 Fuchs VGC $1,600  
32 7x15 Phone Dials 87+ 944 With 90% Tread VGC Sold
33 2-7x16 & 1-8x16 951 Phone Dials 86 944 Turbo   Good to VGC Varies  
34 '78-'89 Turbo Rear Spoiler Tailbase VGC $325.00  
35 Boxster Front Fenders with Lights VGC Offers  
36 Boxster Hood, Trunk and Doors VGC Offers  
37 8 and 9 x 16 911 Fuchs VGC $2,900  
38 Steel Slope Nose Fenders VGC Sold  
42 1 child, cute and cuddly, batteries never seem to run down. Sweet Sold

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